Ancestral Health Symposium 2017, Part II

Darryl Edwards, Primal Play at AHS17 in Seattle

This is part two of my recap of this year’s Ancestral Health Symposium in Seattle. See part one here. Darryl Edwards, Primal Play and Animal Moves Sessions Darryl Edwards offered movement sessions each day of the conference, sessions that included partner tug-of-war, one-legged tag, crawling, and play fighting. Edwards was absolutely engaging, coming across humorous and […]

Muscular Amnesia is Proof We Need to Undomesticate Our Lives

Last year I underwent  months of physical therapy sessions for recovery from knee pain while running. These injuries were due to muscular imbalances. Essentially, some of my muscles and tendons became strained trying to compensate for other muscles that were weak from disuse. This is a problem colloquially but aptly known as muscular amnesia. This […]