About The Undomesticated Life

Today’s modern lifestyle offers unprecedented freedom, choice, and resources, but it can also be a cage that shapes our lives and health without our even being aware of it. The Undomesticated Life is a documentation of my journey towards undomesticating my life and potentially providing an example for others to do the same. I aim to consciously choose the parts of modern life that contribute to my health and well-being and reject those that do not. Undomestication centers around five guideposts:

  1. Accepting one’s body and mind as an integrated, physically active system;
  2. Reconnecting with nature, which includes both appreciating the primacy of nature to one’s well-being and refraining from destructive, unsustainable uses of the environment;
  3. Reclaiming a primal mindset, including accepting one’s intrinsically animal nature and divesting oneself of those societal dictates and marketing propaganda that do not contribute to well-being;
  4. Maintaining a tribe; and
  5. Ultimately, being the sovereign of one’s life by taking charge of one’s health and taking the actions necessary to achieve a primal well-being even when those choices go against the grain.

While the concept of “rewilding”–the notion that humans can achieve ultimate well-being by adopting pre-industrialized and pre-agricultural lifestyles– has become popular recently, for many in modern society this may seem extreme and unrealistic. For most of us raised in the industrialized world and trained to take on nothing more physically rigorous than unjamming an office copy machine, we lack the physical capacity as well as the skill and knowledge to maintain a more rugged, wilderness-based existence. Further, for lives largely divorced from nature for their entire existence, neither may we be psychologically equipped for such a dramatic shift from the only lives we have known. For that reason, The Undomesticated Life offers a perspective on trying to achieve a more ancestral lifestyle while still navigating a highly civilized, urban environment. Even if you are not ready to quit your corporate job and begin hunting your own food, there are still steps you can take to lead a more healthy and primal existence.

I am not a doctor or other medical professional, fitness instructor, or dietician. The information contained herein does not constitute professional advice of any sort. Any comment, criticism, or suggestion that I post is the result of my own research and experience of what works for me. Conduct your own research and consult your medical professionals before trying any idea expressed in this blog. Any action taken is taken at your own risk.  

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