The Jezebel Skirt, or BurdaStyle 7370

dancing in the jezebel skirt

The Jezebel skirt. I made it using BurdaStyle’s sewing pattern 7370. In a world of fast fashion and cheap clothing, this skirt feels positively decadent. It uses three and a half yards of fabric, in contrast to much lauded one-yard wonders.

It is utterly frivolous. This is not a skirt you wear to work or school. There is nothing quotidian about it. It is a party skirt, a dancer’s skirt, a skirt that begs for movement. It plays a little on my can-can dancer fantasies. However, unlike a can-can skirt, this skirt is not a circle skirt, which surprised me a bit when I saw the pattern pieces; based on the movement of the model’s skirt in the pattern image, I got the impression that it would be a full circle skirt, with the bottom tier being the base of the skirt. Instead, the tiers all attached to a fitted foundational skirt that is not visible underneath the ruffles.

Photo Credit: BurdaStyle

Still, the jezebel skirt is fairly dramatic, you cannot hide in the periphery with this skirt, especially since it stands in such stark contrast with the current mode of flatter skirts and dresses. In wearing it, I can rest assured that no one else will show up wearing something similar. It feels almost subversive to be wearing a longer skirt with so much bulk in this day  and age.

I used a burgundy poly-satin from Mood Fabrics. It calls to mind the Olympus ball scene in the 1938 movie Jezebel in which Bette Davis shocks her antebellum society by wearing an extravagant, red dress in contradiction of the mandate for ladies to wear virginal white. For this reason, I am dubbing it the Jezebel Skirt (though hopefully with much less dire consequences!).

Overall, I thought the pattern was very good, though the instructions could have been clearer in places. I deviated from the instructions in a few places. The most significant change I made was to adjust the waistband. I loved the idea of a high-waisted skirt, but the yoke as designed swallowed my  waist and sat directly below my bosom. Since the point of a high waist is to emphasize the waist, not diminish it, I reduced the yoke substantially. Unfortunately, reducing the the yoke by half would have made the waist sit too low for my taste, although it would have been a much easier alteration. Plus, I liked the detail the middle seam and top stitching added to the two yoke pieces. The problem then became that, since the middle seam of the yoke would no longer sit on my natural waist, both pieces had to be adjusted to reflect the varying measurements of my waist in different places. I am not exactly sure by what voodoo I accomplished it, but somehow I made it work. I also finished the ruffle hems with a narrow hem foot rather than trimming and zigzag stitching.

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